Chaffetz Claims Lawmakers Need To Get More Money “For The Risks We’re Taking On The Job While The Media Is Brutally Attacking Us”

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During the “Overtime” segment of HBO’s Real Time, host Bill Maher’s panel took some parting shots at Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) – who is stepping down – for wanting to strip Americans of their health care while at the same time complaining he isn’t paid enough to stay in Congress. With host Maher noting that Chaffetz is retiring after saying he couldn’t afford to stay in office, columnist Dan Savage blistered the Republican congressman. “Aren’t these the very assh*les who lecture poor Americans to live within their means?” Savage asked. “And to go without health care? Chaffetz is the very assh*le who said maybe you shouldn’t buy a cell phone, maybe you should buy health care instead because a health care plan annually costs about the same.”

Commenting on the aforementioned as well as a whole plethora of other comments from the panel, Rep. Chaffetz said in an interview with portal, “It’s quite alright, I’m used to it.” He also added, “The thing is, those kind of people can afford to spend their time sitting down and talking about this and that, things that they like to think are important and so on. The entire show is based on getting a bunch of people together who are supposed to be authorities on various subjects and then what? Their discussions are somehow supposed to end in important conclusions on these topics? Are they, perhaps, meant to find solutions to some kind of problems or whatnot? I mean, I don’t get it – before I get into what I think about everything that was said on that show, can somebody please explain to me what the point of the so-called ‘show’ is in the first place?”

He continued, “In lack of a better term, I find such gatherings of men and women pointless and I think nothing better of Bill Maher. He is nothing more than a mole with hair plugs that likes to find incendiary news and headlines and then fire them up even more to make it look like he’s turning the public’s attention towards important things. In reality, all he’s doing is he’s calling up people from left and right, some of whom have absolutely no reason to comment on any of the topics, like that Savage guy or whatever his name is – I mean, who is he? What’s he done? How’s he important? Why is he relevant all of a sudden? It’s just like if you or I or anyone for that matter suddenly decides to gather a group of friends and have some TV cameras around and discuss things that have happened in the news today. Anyone can do it, really, there’s absolutely no organic popularity whatsoever behind Bill Maher’s friendly gathering.”

“And let me tell you something else – as for the spiteful comments on how I’m not able to survive on my salary – I’d love to have the stomach to just call random people into my company and discuss headlines and record that and then sell it to a TV network like Bill Maher does. Unfortunately, for me it doesn’t feel right to sell empty content for money, that just doesn’t sit well with my conscience. And there are a lot of lawmakers out there who are struggling just like me and who are faced with the same predicament. Lawmakers in this country – especially Republican ones – need and deserve to be paid way more for the risks they’re taking on the job every single day. The media shamelessly attacks them and ruins their good name and all they’re trying to do is something good for this country. That sometimes even results in people wanting to shoot Republicans – you’ve seen what happened at the recent GOP baseball practice. Republican lawmakers are under a lot of stress and pressure daily and they need to be adequately compensated for it,” he concluded.

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