Alex Stevan

Gingrich Blames Sanders For Baseball Shooting: “He’s Always Blocking Us From Buying More Guns To Protect Ourselves From Leftist Violence”

Former House Speaker New Gingrich on Wednesday blamed the shooting at the Republican baseball practice on Democrats who spout “vulgarities,” among other things. Talking with Fox News, Gingrich pointed fingers at left-wing “hysteria” that he says has exploded ever since President Donald Trump’s election last fall, as evidenced by Kathy Griffin’s latest stunt in which […]

Trump Jr.: “Only People Who Have Killed Baby Elephants Have An Open Enough Mind To Have An Opinion About Comey’s Hypocrisy”

Donald Trump’s eldest son sent out fiery tweets defending his father and attacking former FBI Director James Comey on Thursday – but former Bush White House Communications Director Nicole Wallace thought Trump Jr.’s tweets were simply laughable. While noting that the Trump White House had a dearth of quality, respected surrogates out defending the president’s […]

Gov. Chris Christie: “Women’s Viagra Pill Will Only Increase Lesbianism”

“The New York Times relates that “Representative Cathy McMorris Rogers of Washington State, the top-ranking Republican woman in the House, was quoted by The Daily Beast last week as saying that Democrats were fabricating the “war on women” to distract from real issues. Joan Walsh wrote on AlterNet: “Read and decide for yourself if this […]

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