Alex Stevan

Palin Calls Trump To Cancel Meals On Wheels Federal Grant “For Accepting Donation From American Traitor Kaepernick”

Sarah Palin complained about Colin Kaepernick’s latest “political stunt” – and got absolutely roasted on social media. The failed vice presidential candidate and former half-term governor of Alaska posted a link early Wednesday to her own website, which published an article on Kaepernick written by Mary Kate Knorr. The free-agent quarterback donated $50,000 to Meals […]

HHS Head Tom Price Attacks Rep. David Price For “Taking Credit For Suggesting Cancer Patients Should Die Faster” After Satire Website Mixes Up Their Pictures

A working-class man by the name of Brian Kline, who earns $11.66 an hour, is being treated for cancer thanks to Medicaid. However, during a recent CNN town hall with Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, Kline asked the HHS head, “Why do you want to take my Medicaid expansion?” which, according to everybody […]

GOP Lawmaker Suggests Allowing Immigration From Netherlands Because “We Can’t Restore Our Civilization With Somebody Else’s Black Babies”

On Sunday, U.S. Rep. Steve King (R-IA) retweeted a link to a post by the far-right newspaper Voice of Europe featuring an image of Dutch white supremacist Geert Wilders, who is running for his country’s parliament. “Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies,” wrote […]

Republican Bill To Allow Companies To Force Employees To Do Genetic Test “In Order To Prove They Are God-fearing”

A little-noticed bill moving through Congress would allow companies to require employees to undergo genetic testing or risk paying a penalty of thousands of dollars, and would let employers see that genetic and other health information. Giving employers such power is now prohibited by legislation including the 2008 genetic privacy and nondiscrimination law known as […]